Jobs’ slate of the union

So rumor has it, that Apple will hold a media event on Jan. 27th to reveal the long rumored Apple tablet/New Newton/iSlate/whatever!!! along with a revision of the iPhone SDK.

TUAW has a fun angle. What if it was just a prank. Steve gets on stage and reveals something completely different :)

In regards to the next revision to the iPhone OS I know that it’s about half a year into the future, but I’ve noticed how this year there’s a lot less speculation about what the upgrade will include. Is it because the iPhone now includes most normal phone functionalities, or has everyone forget everything but the tablet.
I know I’m quite curious what they will think of next for the iPhone. Especially since I’ve about worn down my 3G after dropping it a few times and using it constantly (which means I almost have no battery life left on it but can’t be bothered paying to replace it). So will it be as “boring” as the last update (a processor upgrade, memory bump and compass) or will they actually do something new?

On a site note it’s worth noting that Microsoft and HP have made a slate PC, which is due out sometime later this year!

Heck! right now I’d be happy just to have a Kindle for all of my reading pleasure!