Pointless presenting

Today I’ve been working on a presentation that I’m giving tomorrow but have found it hard to get it right.

For a long time I’ve tried rearranging the slides, splitting slides up into more slides to make them less cluttered and adding notes to lead me from one slide to the next. Yet so far the presentation lacks that certain something that ensures it’s not a powerpointless.

So what is it missing? Suddenly I realized that it miss exactly the same as all my other writing… a personal story. Instead it’s just a bunch of facts and figures.

After that realization I started over from scratch to ensure that I actually would be telling a story rather than just listing from a fact sheet. But that is pretty hard, when you realize you’re not a storyteller. That also made it blatantly clear to me, why I’m always hard pressed to do really well in exams… my line of thought is never straight and I’m not always able to focus on the most important details.

The downside of course is that I need to put a lot more time into preparation than other people.
The upside however is, that by not thinking in a coherent story I often get quirky “out of the box” ideas, that encourages others to exercise their creativity.

So what about tomorrow’s presentation?
Well hopefully it won’t be pointless, but for it not to be I’m afraid I’ll have to wing it with the last third of my story!