Going back to an old theme

Personally I rarely go to sites I follow any more as I just read the rss feed. So I haven’t really given my own sites design much thought after I changed themes last time… however I just realized that it didn’t really work that well.

See the thing is I really enjoy all the themes that make use of the post photos and display them in a big prominent way on the front page. It makes it less like just another blog and more like an actual website (something I haven’t really had for quite a while).

However for some unknown reason when I don’t host my photos in wordpress’ own media section they do not show up. So that kind of throws the reasoning for my themes out the window.

So now I’ve gone back to one of the most basic layouts… but at least it works!

Enlightenment would be appreciated, if anyone out there know if there are alternatives, which allow me to host my photos on facebook, picasaweb, flickr etc. and still have them show up in the theme’s frontpage.