The odd use of music

[This post was originally conceived and partially written on 16 August 2011]
Today was Tivoli gardens birthday and therefore they had a fireworks show. As a fan of fireworks displays I decided I’d go see it. Fireworks were pretty good, but one thing struck me as odd… their choice of musical backing.

Through my experiences at Disneyland I do know that music to go along with fireworks does enhance the experience and change it from a sight Ito a show. At Disneyland the music is tailored to the show to create a story.

So back to Tivoli and their choice of music – film scores! No doubt film scores can be very good and create emotional reactions, but what place do they have in a fireworks show… especially one in Tivoli gardens? In my opinion this is a wrong combination and is in some ways related to the anticlimactic ending of Tivoli’s illumination show which has a rather decent score, which ending just doesn’t keep up with the rest of the score. It basically doesn’t have an ending! It’s like a fireworks show without the three booms at the end… you don’t know whether it is over or not!

It seems the creator of the two shows would do well to take inspiration from the movies he obviously used took inspiration from and create a storyline instead of taking bits and pieces and stick them together in the hope they will make a show.

Emiliana Torrini

On tuesday I went with my girlfriend to a concert with Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini. We were entirely in front, which was cool… haven’t been that at a concert for a long time!

Music was really good, and to my surprise she played a nice combination of new and old songs. It was at a relatively small venue in Newtown which made it even cooler :)