Creative writing 2

So about that creative writing…

Thing is, as I’ve mentioned before, I have this desire to produce more writing.
However so far the only real outcome have been a few status updates and tweets along with 3 or 4 blog post drafts (my first ever drafts that haven’t actually materialized into anything concrete or been deleted).

But now I’m starting to feel the results of this lack of writing. At
Work I’m responsible for publishing a magazine in which I have to write a part of the stories. That in itself is sort of cool as I end up with published material, however I keep encountering the same issue as with everywhere else… I am a rather mediocre storyteller!

In an attempt to do something about it I recently started following a fiction video production course at open university at Copenhagen University. I obviously have other reasons as well, or I’d be better off taking a dedicated writing class.

So far the outcome has been negligible in regards to my story telling abilities but it has made me realize something else. I enjoy producing objects, be it film, magazine or other, but I want them to be of a high visual quality.

This puts me at a crossroad of sorts – a crossroad most managers have found themselves at when they became managers. Do I rely only on my own production to ensure the high quality or do I bring in others for the things I have no grasp on (like story)?
Most people will probably (or is it hopefully?) think it a stupid question. You of course go with the second option and bring in people who posses the specific skills you lack yourself and let rely in their expertise. However there can be certain challenges with this option.
Firstly you do not always have the resources to bring in the desired talent.
Secondly how do you figure out how much you can demand of them. This especially becomes relevant if you like me work a lot with volunteers.

So far I’ve gone with the first option for multiple reasons:
1) I like to challenge myself and learn new skills
2) I’m often quite late in starting my processes, which means it can be hard getting other people involved as they need a decent amount of time before a deadline and finally
3) I feel a greater pride in something that I have fully produced than something I’ve just lead the production of.

This brings me back to my original premise for this post, namely that of the creative writing.
With creative writing I do not just refer to the act of writing fiction but the act of telling a story that has an overall progressing storyline which has a beginning, a middle and an end.
And today it hit me while working and again during my fiction video production course. Even if I do not create all the pieces, the act of creating a high quality object like a magazine or a film does in fact still require my definition of creative writing as their high quality is mainly defined (as mostly everything else ) by their ability to tell an overarching story.

In fact I believe that this is also what characterizes a good manager. The ability to guide your employees enough that they will work towards creating a story where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.