iPad follow up

It’s been a while now since I handed my friends iPad back to him. After borrowing it for a weeks time or so, I wanted to wrap up my last post by passing my “final” judgement.

Overall using the iPad didn’t quite pan out as I had imagined. My imagined scenario was bringing it with me more or less everywhere I went, using it for a few central things like writing, browsing and photo and video editing.

Two things hindered me from doing this. 1) It being my friends iPad I wasn’t completely confident just throwing it in a bag and lugging it around. I didn’t want him to come home to a ruined iPad and 2) photo and video editing would probably be great, except I didn’t have much chance to try it out. All the apps I already owned were not iPad compatible, and not knowing when or if I’m getting one myself, I didn’t want to spend the money on these types of apps.

There are however a few scenarios that I did use it for, where it proved pretty suited for the task and actually made the job easier for me. That might warrant it’s existence in my gadget arsenal, but let’s examine.

The first scenario is as a complimentary browser and entertainment device at home. Not having a TV I’m “stuck” using my computer for any entertainment I consume. The iPad makes it easier to move this from my desktop to anywhere else, which is definitely more comfortable. It also seems to be one of the much described use cases for the iPad.

The other use I found for it was a companion for interviewing people. I performed two interviews while using the iPad, one of which was in the field. The iPad enabled me to bring along any documents, additional information and notes, while also serving as a note taking device.

This last scenario of actually using the iPad as a tool instead of just for entertainment is what I was actually intending to test it out for. One thing about this is that not many other people use a tablet (or smartphone for that matter) for this yet. This means that the opening remark from both the people I interviewed was about the iPad. In the moment it kind of threw me off, but if used correctly I’m thinking it could be used as a conversation starter, thereby easing the actual interview.

But is it any good you might be asking. Well I guess I’m still somewhat undecided. I can totally see myself using an iPad for vacations, where I’d like to be able to write and do light photo editing. Another place I could see myself using it is for casual work, like interviewing people or using as a document reader for meetings.
On the other hand most of these things can already be accomplished either using my phone or a simple notebook and pen. So then what the iPad seems to bring to the table is the longer battery life (useful for all those intercontinental flights) than the iPhone or laptop (but less than a notebook and pen), easier to bring than a laptop, and the added benefit of not having to retype what I’ve put in a notebook.

So in the end the question seems to be if I am willing to pay for a device, which for my usage only have some added benefits over a notebook, a pen and my phone? As of right now it’s a definite no but I am not sure it will continue to be.

Trying out the iPad

Usually while my friend Mark is on vacation I feed his fish because I’m a nice guy. This time around however we made a deal that I’d borrow his iPad while he was gone.

I’ve been yearning to try it out for quite some time. While that is possible at multiple stores, it’s not quite the same as actually living with one for a while.

My reason for wanting to try it out is that I’m wondering if it could semi-replace a laptop for many of the day to day things I do on a computer.

My impression so far is that it is quite capable of complementing my laptop, but there is still some tasks that just can’t be done on an iPad. Also my typing accuracy is not as good as on a physical keyboard, though that might just be a matter of getting used to the placement of keys.

One thing that I could see it being good for however is using it for basic photo and video editing. Unfortunately I’m using an original iPad, which doesn’t allow me to use iMovie so video editing I haven’t actually been able to try out and I do not have any photo editing apps that are iPad compatible. For now I’ve been limited to using adobe ideas and upscaling camera+. Neither is an optimal solution. But seeing as I’m handing back the iPad in a week I’m not gonna run out and buy a ton of apps for it.

Looking at what I’ve just written it doesn’t exactly look like the iPad is such a great supplement as I’d expected and I guess I’m a little disappointed so far. One very good feature though is that using the iPad for different tasks like random surfing, watching video and writing smaller pieces of text have allowed me to move around a lot more while doing these tasks than I usually would. So what it’s seems best at so far is ensuring a more ergonomic way of working.

Oh and for those who haven’t guessed it yet, this post was written on the iPad!

I will follow up with my “final judgement” once I’ve handed back the device to my friend.

Living in the bloody future

I’m having one of those wow! moments right now.

Sitting in my girlfriends car in the middle of nowhere (well Silverwater to be exactly) using my computer surfing the net and doing job applications through my phones internet connection connected to my computer via bluetooth listening to music from my iPod, which is connected to the car stereo!

If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is!!!

Oh and jetpacks are now actually a viable form of transport (if you’ve got $86.000 to spend and don’t live to far away!)

Now if only there was some way of carrying around all your books, music and papers in a thin, lightweight package with a wonderful design!!!