Iconic Apple

I just saw something. Apple today released the newest version of Final Cut Pro!
… No that’s not what I saw, or rather that’s not the interesting thing I saw. Neither is it the fact, that it is now available through the Mac app store. No the interesting thing is the representation for it on Apples webpage.

It looks like this:

Now that’s an application icon, whereas all other icons there (except for Safari) are the boxes the products ship in.

That made me go take a look at the Mac hardware side only to find that OS X is no also represented by an icon, the one for Lion.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising as Apple have done all they could to push software from the stores to the web. So now that there are n

So still not interesting… well no not that interesting at first. However what it did remind me of was a conversation I had at work today with my colleague.

See the thing is, we’re trying to find a way to redesign our already redesigned website. As it is the bounce rate is around 40%, which seems somewhat high to me. And it’s partially to do with the design I believe. Our issue is, that we don’t have that many photos and no illustration that we have the rights to use. So the site has become a little dull – to say the least. That lead to my conversation, in which we started discussing how to best design it, if we weren’t thinking about our lack of material. So what does my colleague do? He takes my iPhone and says “I want this” and he shows me the phone and flips around through the app screens. At first I was clueless as to what he was talking about until I realized he was referring to the icons.

So what my colleague wanted was basically some designed squares – or icons as it were – with a descriptive text underneath. Not a bad idea right?

Well I guess that’s what Apple has learned with the app store, and why their more intangible products are no longer symbolized by their shipping boxes, but by their icons. The thing that sell an application or, as in my organizations case, product is the first impression… the icon.