Taking my coffee to-go

I’ve just spent way too much on something as trivial as a cup of joe, but what a cup!

After work I decided to go to the airport to starbucks to buy a Christmas cup as well as caramel drizzle so I can make my own caramel macchiatos at work.

This being December they also had the holiday selection of drinks with a dark cherry moccha catching my eye. As always in Copenhagen it was way to expensive with a grande setting me back 45 DKK (that’s roughly $ 7.60). But boy was it worth it! Every holiday season I’m somewhere with a starbucks I get equally surprised and satisfied how good their seasonal drinks are relative to their usual offerings. Guess I cans stand coughing up that insane amount a couple of times a year for that :)

Happy holidays

Copenhagen Christmas

Today Christmas officially started in Copenhagen with the lighting if the town square Christmas tree. I went and saw the ceremony followed by a stroll down strøget which was also decorated.

These Christmas lights are more what I’d expect, unlike the ones at my dorm.

So now I’ve started to try and get in a Christmas mood by listening to holiday music as well.

Happy holidays everyone.