Iconic Apple

I just saw something. Apple today released the newest version of Final Cut Pro!
… No that’s not what I saw, or rather that’s not the interesting thing I saw. Neither is it the fact, that it is now available through the Mac app store. No the interesting thing is the representation for it on Apples webpage.

It looks like this:

Now that’s an application icon, whereas all other icons there (except for Safari) are the boxes the products ship in.

That made me go take a look at the Mac hardware side only to find that OS X is no also represented by an icon, the one for Lion.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising as Apple have done all they could to push software from the stores to the web. So now that there are n

So still not interesting… well no not that interesting at first. However what it did remind me of was a conversation I had at work today with my colleague.

See the thing is, we’re trying to find a way to redesign our already redesigned website. As it is the bounce rate is around 40%, which seems somewhat high to me. And it’s partially to do with the design I believe. Our issue is, that we don’t have that many photos and no illustration that we have the rights to use. So the site has become a little dull – to say the least. That lead to my conversation, in which we started discussing how to best design it, if we weren’t thinking about our lack of material. So what does my colleague do? He takes my iPhone and says “I want this” and he shows me the phone and flips around through the app screens. At first I was clueless as to what he was talking about until I realized he was referring to the icons.

So what my colleague wanted was basically some designed squares – or icons as it were – with a descriptive text underneath. Not a bad idea right?

Well I guess that’s what Apple has learned with the app store, and why their more intangible products are no longer symbolized by their shipping boxes, but by their icons. The thing that sell an application or, as in my organizations case, product is the first impression… the icon.

Surprises surprises

Today Apple did something out of the ordinary… they pre-announced what the WWDC keynote was gonna be about. Strange! They even went so far as to include the name of an “unknown” product – iCloud.

This makes me wonder if and what they have up their sleeves to surprise us with. My guess is that it’s either a … One more thing moment where they are gonna introduce something completely new hardware that no one saw coming, or that iCloud will be more than just a retooled mobileme with a music locker/streaming service.

Guess we’ll see soon enough, with less than one week to go before Steve steps on stage at the WWDC keynote.

Jobs’ slate of the union

So rumor has it, that Apple will hold a media event on Jan. 27th to reveal the long rumored Apple tablet/New Newton/iSlate/whatever!!! along with a revision of the iPhone SDK.

TUAW has a fun angle. What if it was just a prank. Steve gets on stage and reveals something completely different :)

In regards to the next revision to the iPhone OS I know that it’s about half a year into the future, but I’ve noticed how this year there’s a lot less speculation about what the upgrade will include. Is it because the iPhone now includes most normal phone functionalities, or has everyone forget everything but the tablet.
I know I’m quite curious what they will think of next for the iPhone. Especially since I’ve about worn down my 3G after dropping it a few times and using it constantly (which means I almost have no battery life left on it but can’t be bothered paying to replace it). So will it be as “boring” as the last update (a processor upgrade, memory bump and compass) or will they actually do something new?

On a site note it’s worth noting that Microsoft and HP have made a slate PC, which is due out sometime later this year!

Heck! right now I’d be happy just to have a Kindle for all of my reading pleasure!

INteresting take on the Apple tablet

John Gruber has an interesting take on the merits of an Apple tablet. He basically asks the question of why you would want to buy an Apple tablet if you already own an iPhone/iPod Touch and a MacBook.
His take is that it will effectively replace the MacBook as a sort of convergence device that adds more functionality than the iPhone but leaves out the hard computing aspects such as photoshopping etc. You would instead have an iPhone, an Apple tablet and an iMac. Interesting take in my opinion!

Contrary to his usual advance info he says he knows nothing about the Apple tablet and knows no one who has even seen it. That certainly puts into perspective the otherwise large amount of people who claim to have seen and played with the Apple tablet.

For anyone following Apple rumors this is definitely an interesting article.

Via Daring Fireball

No Apple rumors!

The last week or so something strange has happened.

For a long time any week would have at least one or two new rumors about an upcoming Apple product. However this past week there haven’t really been any Apple rumors… at all! It’s only been opinions on how other tech stories might have an influence on Apples future business.

So why has there been no rumors? Did Apple suddenly stop making new products? Unlikely! My guess (though highly unlikely) is that the new Apple tablet is finally done and that we are just waiting for the release. This could have given Steve time to hunt down the leakers who’s been having a field day the last couple of years!

WordPress first impressions

So I’ve only had wordpress set up for about 24 hours now, but I already like what I can do. It’s not so much that there are extra features, but the ease of customization and extendability of those. One example is the themes, of which there are a lot, that still alow me a certain degree of input to content.

Second is mobility. For someone spending most of his time in either an office or in front of my computer, mobility and offline capability might not seem like such a big deal, but usually my blogpost ideas come to me while I’m on the road one way or another. So having the option of doing offline blogging through a dedicated iPod/iPhone application actually counts for a lot. WordPress have their own dedicated app, which despite some bugs seems quite good. Actually this post is being written on my iPod in the metro going home from work. If that isn’t amazing I don’t know what is!