What I think when I read Murakami

I just had a small but not insignificant epiphany.
For a while now I have wanted to do some writing. Whether this is caused by working with writers or a deeper desire I am still unsure, however the fact remains that I have a desire to do more serious writing than what I have done on this blog so far.

However I have keeps stumbling into the same issue that I always come across. I start writing an have a good flow and then suddenly I just stop. Very anticlimactic to say the least.

The issue is that I just make it up as I go along, without an underlying story to tell. I have described this in at least one other post. I tend to focus in the details rarer than the overall storyline.

And so my epiphany was this. How would I ever be able to write a story when I have no storyline!

I believe that once I actually have the storyline set the rest is just filling in the details which will be a lot easier than writing and then drawing out a story from the ashes of that.