Integrating/changing to Flickr

In an attempt to avoid loosing all my photos once again when my hard drive unavoidably goes south I’ve decided to give Flickr a chance as my main photo storage/sharing. So far I haven’t reached the limit for a free account but I guess it’s just a matter of time. Especially since I’m contemplating uploading everything that I want to keep.

Main purpose of this post therefore is to 1) share the link to my photostream and 2) test photo integration in WordPress posts.

1) The address to my photostream is:

2) To test integration I’ve chosen to share this photo I took while in London of a Banksy piece I passed on the street.

New Banksy in London

Messing around with social media

Lately at work I’ve been integrating a lot of different services into my daily routine and started missing doing it in my spare time. It seems lately I’ve only been tweeting and going on Facebook – and not much of it.

So in order to become more proficient in some of the tools of my trade [Web 2.0 is still hot… right?] I decided to sign up for a mailchimp account to play around with creating newsletters, started transferring my photos to Flickr (see separate post) and updated my blog (behind the scenes and on-stage).

If you’re interested in keeping up with my attempts you can sign up for my newsletter by putting in your information in the box to your left.

Surprises surprises

Today Apple did something out of the ordinary… they pre-announced what the WWDC keynote was gonna be about. Strange! They even went so far as to include the name of an “unknown” product – iCloud.

This makes me wonder if and what they have up their sleeves to surprise us with. My guess is that it’s either a … One more thing moment where they are gonna introduce something completely new hardware that no one saw coming, or that iCloud will be more than just a retooled mobileme with a music locker/streaming service.

Guess we’ll see soon enough, with less than one week to go before Steve steps on stage at the WWDC keynote.


On my way back from London I invested in a new pair of earphones as my oldish Apple in-ear headphones was somewhat worn down by now.
After considering a wide range and looking through reviews on I ended up getting the Jays a-jay four. They are relatively discrete black in-ear with a mic and remote for the iPhone and a flat cable. Overall I’m quite happy with my investment. It did however lead me to start thinking about the quality of earphones in general.
I’m not sure if I’m just über critical of the sound, if most earphones are just not that good or my ears are just weird. The ones I bought are single driver units but received a A- rating on ilounge – one of the highest they’ve given for “iPhone ready” earphones – yet the sound still seems somewhat hollow. This is something I’ve experienced with most headphones I’ve tried, or more specifically in-ear headphones.
Now I would love to know if that’s what they’re supposed to sound like or if it’s the seal in my ears that is not right or something completely different. I thinking maybe foam tips would help elevate the problem but I’m not sure.

Anyone know anything on the subject?

Going from physical to mental collecting

Here I was all happy thinking that finally I was no longer a collector, ’cause I’ve become a lot better at not having to keep everything of one specific thing.
Last collection I clung on to was my memorabilia from my visits to different Disney parks. I managed to go through it and toss out duplicates of things and cut it down to the things that I might actually “have a use for”.
Even in the digital realm I felt like I’ve become better by not keeping every single photo I’ve ever taken and also being a lot better at deleting stuff I haven’t used for a long time – and probably never will.
It seemed like the last of my collections was finally broken up and I’d rid myself of my collector tendencies.
However, every day I still open up google reader to catch up on the latest tech news on engadget, macrumors and other similar sites. And just today it dawned on me. Following the news the way I do has similarities to collecting. I always try to make sure that I at least every single post in my feed-reader even if it’s not my specific area of interest. And I also try to hang on to this news and get it as soon as possible, as if being the first to know would somehow make me a better person.

So is it just me? Does anyone else feel like they are mental collectors/horders? I’m asking since I’m curious if I’m the only one who is obsessing over certain information channels and news.

A bluetooth watch done right… almost

For a long time I’ve wanted a watch that would sync its time with my other devices with a built in clock like say my phone and computer. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it annoying when all my different watches show a different time. Which one is right!?!

I’ve found it hard to understand why nobody has come up wit a clever way to fix this. So far the closest I’ve come to seeing a fix is my iPhone’s watch being synced to my mac’s. That’s pretty neat, but then what about all the other ones?

Seems like I might soon have a choice in wrist watches at least as Casio will be introducing a G-shock Bluetooth watch.

Not only does the watch connect to your phone and sync with its watch but it’ll also sync with the phone’s alarms as well as alert you of incoming calls and text messages not only by sound but vibration too… how awesome is that!. Well it sounds pretty awesome to me.

So what’s the catch you might ask… Well it seems it’ll be designed for bluetooth 4.0 devices and I bet it wont work very well with my iPhone (which only has bluetooth 3.0 – FOF!) and most importantly…it’s a G-shock!

Oh well at least it’s a step in the right direction… a step in the right direction after all!


I just realized that tonight is supermoon night, so I decided to head out with my camera and tripod to get some shots of the moon. What I failed to realize was, that the moon was so high in the night sky when I headed out, that even if it is 14% larger than usual, it wasn’t visible at all. So instead I decided to play around with longer exposure on a couple of scenes. There’s been no post-production done on these photos. Might try that a little later though. But for now please enjoy these three shots.

Fra Experiment
Fra Experiment
Fra Experiment

On and about the supermoon. Seems the moon sets at around 5 tonight. I guess I’ll go have a look at it before I go to sleep.

Timelapse 2

Here’s a follow up on my last post about shooting timelapse videos with my iPhone.

While randomly surfing the net I stumbled upon this timelapse video of Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland.


As you might have noticed if you’ve read some of my former posts I have a fondness for tilshift photography. Another thing I’ve always enjoyed very much is timelapse videos. I think it’s so cool, when you get to see construction of a building condensed into a few seconds or minutes.

In that spirit I wanted to do something similar but never quite had the patience to do it manually, or the know-how to do it with a program. But now thanks to the wonders of technology… there’s an app for that on my iPhone!
Sp today I started experimenting with it. Below are the results… not extremely convincing I admit, but a start nonetheless.

Hope you enjoy them.

Writing in Danish

I came to a sudden realization this evening. Considering that I’m working with communication and PR in Denmark, and generally do all my professional writing in Danish, I haven’t really done any of my personal writing in Danish for a very long time.

So in order to get a bit more practice I’ll start doing a bit of writing in Danish here. Therefore I’ve made a new category called Dansk. That’s gonna be for all the stuff I try out in Danish and anything related to that – this post included!

Any feedback you might have to these posts in Danish would be greatly appreciated.