I apologize for not having been very active lately but I’ve been occupied lately trying to look for work and saying goodbye to my girlfriend who just went back to Australia.

I do however wanna share my last day at work with you since I had a chance to try out a Segway. We had the summer company outing and me being part of the planning committee I decided we ought to try something different so I booked us time on segways. It was really amazing and I highly recommend you try it out. So Dari only think one guy is offering them up in Copenhagen though but he was very enthusiastic and he was very easy going. For anyone interested here’s the address

I’ll add a photo later since my iPhone seems to be unable to attach them :(

Under construction

By chance I was invited to go see a ballet.

The title alone – under construction – suggested something chaotic yet organized. It certanly didn’t let me down.

It was a series of individual pieces each with a very distinct look and feel to it. Yet just as the pieces themselves there seemed to be something connecting them, namely individuals coming together to form a whole – chaos turning into symphony. Even the major part of the music supported this chaotic sentiment by, for the most part, being something akin to the genre clicks and cuts in the 1st act through to indie indie rock in the intermission and ending with classical in the 2nd act.

This strange mix of modern chaos and connectedes left me chukling, wondering and mesmerized while keeping me at the edge of my seat.

Kudos to the royal theater for fostering something as amazing as “under construction”

Looking for work

After having worked in a temp job for roughly seven months I now only have two months left in the position. That mean I have to start looking for a new job. There’s just one small issue! My Aussie gf is going back to Oz end of June and I really, really wanna go too, but have decided to stay back in DK until October to pay off some uni-debt. But that means I need a job for about 3 months, and I can’t seem to find anything because of the short timespan! Bummer!

Looking for reviews

Even though I can’t afford a new pair of headphones at the moment I am still looking for the “perfect” pair of in ears for my iPhone.

The watchmaker Nixon has produced a pair – The Wire mic iphone. They look really cool. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any reviews of these what so ever. The only thing close to a review is from ilounge, which posted some shots the other day.

So if anyone out there has tried them… please let me know what you think. Or maybe you feel like there’s a better brand?

I’m dying to hear any opinions as I’m growing tired of my old vibe duo (too bass heavy for my taste).

Physics revue

Right now I’m sitting at KU (Copenhagen university) and waiting for the physics revue to start. To my excitement I saw that wifi activated on my iPhone and realized that eduroam works at other places as well.

Gotta run

Another adventure

After a long weekend in Paris I was going home Monday evening only to find out that almost all planes had been canceled due to bad weather. So after having waited at the airport for about 2 hours I was told I’d get a hotel and meals and a new flight out of Paris Tuesday. Since there wasn’t really anything I could do I leaned back and enjoyed the experience. I was lodged at Novotel near the airport. Not a bad room! And I got to eat steak, so some good did come out of it :)

What’s so great about Business/economy extra in Europe

For a long time I’ve been wondering why people would pay extra to fly business class or economy extra in Europe, since it doesn’t seem like you get a lot extra. Now on my way home from Paris on economy extra I found out. The bathrooms have a view! Yes my dear reader. The bathroom in business class has no less than two windows so you can enjoy the scenery passing by under you. I’m sure it helps digestion :)