New photo theme trial [Updatedx3]

Found a new theme that I really like. It’s supposed to be a portfolio website, but I will try and make it work none the less. However I am very curious to see if Flickr is able to integrate seamlessly into it or not. So here goes. Another piece of street art found in London.

[Update 1]
So it seems I can’t actually get the themes thumbnail auto-generator to work. At least not with images that are sourced from outside the blog… in this instance Flickr.

[Update 2]
I am now trying to upload a photo to my own server to see if that changes anything…

[Update 3] It would seem that the solution is to actually upload the image to the media library. What a letdown! It most certainly defeats one of the reasons to move everything to Flickr or a similar service. Any suggestions or tips and tricks?