Trying out the iPad

Usually while my friend Mark is on vacation I feed his fish because I’m a nice guy. This time around however we made a deal that I’d borrow his iPad while he was gone.

I’ve been yearning to try it out for quite some time. While that is possible at multiple stores, it’s not quite the same as actually living with one for a while.

My reason for wanting to try it out is that I’m wondering if it could semi-replace a laptop for many of the day to day things I do on a computer.

My impression so far is that it is quite capable of complementing my laptop, but there is still some tasks that just can’t be done on an iPad. Also my typing accuracy is not as good as on a physical keyboard, though that might just be a matter of getting used to the placement of keys.

One thing that I could see it being good for however is using it for basic photo and video editing. Unfortunately I’m using an original iPad, which doesn’t allow me to use iMovie so video editing I haven’t actually been able to try out and I do not have any photo editing apps that are iPad compatible. For now I’ve been limited to using adobe ideas and upscaling camera+. Neither is an optimal solution. But seeing as I’m handing back the iPad in a week I’m not gonna run out and buy a ton of apps for it.

Looking at what I’ve just written it doesn’t exactly look like the iPad is such a great supplement as I’d expected and I guess I’m a little disappointed so far. One very good feature though is that using the iPad for different tasks like random surfing, watching video and writing smaller pieces of text have allowed me to move around a lot more while doing these tasks than I usually would. So what it’s seems best at so far is ensuring a more ergonomic way of working.

Oh and for those who haven’t guessed it yet, this post was written on the iPad!

I will follow up with my “final judgement” once I’ve handed back the device to my friend.

Using controlled leaks to test the waters

So maybe this isn’t really anything new or mind blowing, but while stretching after my run today I started thinking about how it’s a shame that Sony and their products are loosing ground. Now don’t ask me why I started thinking about that while stretching… I just do, cause I’m a geek when it comes to thinking about gadgets! Like Paul Miller I believe they could really hammer out a great product and slap on the Walkman logo and have a hit… unfortunately they seems unable to actually create anything consumers desire – except for maybe their line of Vaio computers.

Now because of my PR/marketing interest I started wondering if companies couldn’t actually use broad consumer feedback while developing new ideas. I know there are ways to get consumer response, but in the tech world it seems it’s usually not gathered from the early adopters, whom Id think you’d like to get a hold of.

Obviously some companies have successfully taken their brands online on Facebook and use social media to gauge consumer interest in the brand… but why not take it even further. Why not actually “leak” information about upcoming products that aren’t finished yet to see if there is any interest in them at all. Now take a site like Engadget or This is my next. These are sites who’s readers are all well informed of the gadget market, and mostly early adopters. Send them a mockup of what you’re working on, and you’ll get tons of helpful responses. Just take a look at the comments for Microsoft’s presumed Courier concept.

There might be some anti-competitive reasons or a desire to keep your products a secret that would stop you from doing this as a company, or possibly some legal restrictions if you’re incorporated. I don’t know since I’m not a lawyer, but if someone knows I’d love to be enlightened.

Obviously this approach would require that your company has a certain fame, as you might not otherwise get anyones interest.

In case of smaller companies I believe the same effect can be had by putting your project on Kickstarter.

Just my thoughts on a monday night after a long run.

Pointless presenting

Today I’ve been working on a presentation that I’m giving tomorrow but have found it hard to get it right.

For a long time I’ve tried rearranging the slides, splitting slides up into more slides to make them less cluttered and adding notes to lead me from one slide to the next. Yet so far the presentation lacks that certain something that ensures it’s not a powerpointless.

So what is it missing? Suddenly I realized that it miss exactly the same as all my other writing… a personal story. Instead it’s just a bunch of facts and figures.

After that realization I started over from scratch to ensure that I actually would be telling a story rather than just listing from a fact sheet. But that is pretty hard, when you realize you’re not a storyteller. That also made it blatantly clear to me, why I’m always hard pressed to do really well in exams… my line of thought is never straight and I’m not always able to focus on the most important details.

The downside of course is that I need to put a lot more time into preparation than other people.
The upside however is, that by not thinking in a coherent story I often get quirky “out of the box” ideas, that encourages others to exercise their creativity.

So what about tomorrow’s presentation?
Well hopefully it won’t be pointless, but for it not to be I’m afraid I’ll have to wing it with the last third of my story!

Iconic Apple

I just saw something. Apple today released the newest version of Final Cut Pro!
… No that’s not what I saw, or rather that’s not the interesting thing I saw. Neither is it the fact, that it is now available through the Mac app store. No the interesting thing is the representation for it on Apples webpage.

It looks like this:

Now that’s an application icon, whereas all other icons there (except for Safari) are the boxes the products ship in.

That made me go take a look at the Mac hardware side only to find that OS X is no also represented by an icon, the one for Lion.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising as Apple have done all they could to push software from the stores to the web. So now that there are n

So still not interesting… well no not that interesting at first. However what it did remind me of was a conversation I had at work today with my colleague.

See the thing is, we’re trying to find a way to redesign our already redesigned website. As it is the bounce rate is around 40%, which seems somewhat high to me. And it’s partially to do with the design I believe. Our issue is, that we don’t have that many photos and no illustration that we have the rights to use. So the site has become a little dull – to say the least. That lead to my conversation, in which we started discussing how to best design it, if we weren’t thinking about our lack of material. So what does my colleague do? He takes my iPhone and says “I want this” and he shows me the phone and flips around through the app screens. At first I was clueless as to what he was talking about until I realized he was referring to the icons.

So what my colleague wanted was basically some designed squares – or icons as it were – with a descriptive text underneath. Not a bad idea right?

Well I guess that’s what Apple has learned with the app store, and why their more intangible products are no longer symbolized by their shipping boxes, but by their icons. The thing that sell an application or, as in my organizations case, product is the first impression… the icon.

A weekend of gaming

This weekend I did something I haven’t done for quite some time. I had a LAN-party. Friday I met up with a friend to hang out, and before I knew it we’d decided that we were gonna do some gaming.

Since neither of us had done any gaming in a while, starting a game took longer than expected. So to actually do any gaming we decided to play on through part of the night and I’d just sleep on his couch.

Well that one night on the couch ended up being the entire weekend and about 30 hours of Civilization V.

Now Sunday night I’m back in my own bed and realizing that I put so much into the game that I totally didn’t write a post a day as I had promised myself… but I don’t care, ’cause I had more fun than ice had in quite a while.

So thanks Mark and look forward to doing this again soon.

A little to little or a little to late!

Today was the day that a Disney store finally opened in Copenhagen… the first in Scandinavia I might add.

It is now roughly 16 years since I first set foot in a Disney store. Back then I was so amazed by the experience and the selection of not just toys but also collectibles. So every time I came to a city with a Disney store I had to go visit and would usually end up spending more than my fair share on merchandise.

Fast forward to today and the opening of the store in Copenhagen. Somehow I managed to get my friend Mark to go with me and check out the store.
Compared to the flagship stores I’ve seen around Europe the one in Copenhagen seems quite small. Add to this the lack of any collectibles, save for a few Copenhagen themed mugs and badges, and you’ll end up with a disappointed “kid” – me!

Well to be honest I can’t quite say that I’m surprised. I knew that the stores had undergone a “re-launch” to become more focused and I already knew that I have become less obsessed with all things Disney.

So now – 16 years after I started hoping for a Disney store in Copenhagen – it’s just a little to little or maybe just a little too late.

You can not eat an elephant in one bite

After pouring my heart out to my good friend Søren and telling him how frustrated I am about not doing anything with my spare time he told me to get a grip… well not exactly but that’s what I did none the less.

One of the attempts I’ve been making lately is to improve my writing skills. And following some sane advice the only way of getting better at writing is to actually do it. So here I am writing. And that leads me back to why I brought up my discussion with my friend. My issue with writing so fat has been that I don’t feel like I have anything to write about. My biggest interest at the moment is keeping up with tech news and so that would be an obvious area to write about. But so far I don’t feel like I have anything to add to the already rather extensive coverage taking place on sites like Engadget and This is my next… What Søren made me realize was that so far my writing has been very much focused on being factual, while the personal stories are the interesting ones.

So now to the title of the post. If I want to improve my writing it isn’t gonna happen in one go. I will have to start writing to actually do any good writing, and I’ll start writing about my experiences instead of just trying to relay some factual information or story.

So this marks my attempt to do one blog post a day for a minimum of 10 days.

Wish me luck!

Whoa… Nifty!

Though it is not yet entirely reliable I love Google goggles for figuring out stuff that I’m to lazy to look up on my own. And now it would seem that Google is bringing image search to the browser.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be online just yet, but how cool is that!
Forget about jet-packs… this is the future, and it’s now!

New photo theme trial [Updatedx3]

Found a new theme that I really like. It’s supposed to be a portfolio website, but I will try and make it work none the less. However I am very curious to see if Flickr is able to integrate seamlessly into it or not. So here goes. Another piece of street art found in London.

[Update 1]
So it seems I can’t actually get the themes thumbnail auto-generator to work. At least not with images that are sourced from outside the blog… in this instance Flickr.

[Update 2]
I am now trying to upload a photo to my own server to see if that changes anything…

[Update 3] It would seem that the solution is to actually upload the image to the media library. What a letdown! It most certainly defeats one of the reasons to move everything to Flickr or a similar service. Any suggestions or tips and tricks?