Starting over (or a tale of moving, applying for work and relaxing)

It’s been 10 days since I exchanged me friends, my job and an oncoming winter for a new start on the opposite hemisphere.

Arriving on the Australian national day – aptly titled Australia Day – as a permanent resident happened without much fanfare. Seeing as I’ve been here many times before it shouldn’t be a surprise, yet it felt quite odd to to, in many aspects, be starting anew without any significant changes other than the weather.

Now a week and a half alter I’ve been on a road trip, that made me reminisce about the old days when I originally started this blog. I have also gotten around to sending of my first job application after receiving a helpful dose of advice from friends and acquaintances.

See to me the whole job hunting thing is actually the most unreal thing about this move. For well over 3 years I have been coming to Sydney on month long vacations, with the outlook of going back to a steady job. Now all of a sudden that’s not the case. So I have to look for work, write applications, update and continually improve my resume and all those others steps you go through in the process of changing your career. Yet I still feel somewhat distanced from the whole thing.

Instead I feel very much on vacation, enjoying the warm weather, the chance to get a tan and the delicious local brewskis.

Let’s see if reality kicks in when the temperature drops a bit and it starts raining!

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