Experimenting in the kitchen

Having already experimented with crating infused bourbon and tequila I thought it’d be fun to document my creation of a garlic infused olive oil.

To ensure the high quality of the finished product I decided to go to Torvehallerne, the local markets in Copenhagen. After wandering around and taking in the vibrant surroundings on this hot summer day I ended up buying an Italian olive oil, a Dutch fresh garlic and a pot of rosemary.

After a detour to the beach to go for a swim to cool myself down I got started on the oil.

Here’s what I did.

First I got out all the ingredients
20130728-202435.jpgThen I prepared the rosemary and garlic for infusing the oil20130728-201425.jpg
20130728-201442.jpgTime to get out the bottle.
20130728-201452.jpgNow all that’s left to do is the finishing touch.
Once this is done infusing all that’s left to do is get some nice focaccia bread and a four leave balsamic and dip away in this garlicky goodness.

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