Creative writing

This was actually supposed to be apost about writing fiction and telling a coherent story, but I will get back to that in another post.
See the thing is when I wrote the title of the post – Creative writing – it struck me that, while most lines of work do require you to be creative within your field, the only ones that brands you a creative are limited by the use of lingo. While being a creative writer is usually considered a good thing, doing creative bookkeeping will most likely see you end up in jail!

Why is that? Is our culture really so stuck up, that being a creative means that you are not a professional?

The stereotype of creatives being social people with all these great ideas and business people, accountants and so forth are these dry, somewhat ruthless people (or maybe it just says more about me that I believe that these are the stereotypes, but I will let you decide that) is in my opinion just plain wrong.

Some of the least interesting people I know are creatives, while some of the funniest and most aimable people I know are accountants… it definitely puts another light on the Monty Python sketch Vocational guidance counsellor.

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