Trying out the iPad

Usually while my friend Mark is on vacation I feed his fish because I’m a nice guy. This time around however we made a deal that I’d borrow his iPad while he was gone.

I’ve been yearning to try it out for quite some time. While that is possible at multiple stores, it’s not quite the same as actually living with one for a while.

My reason for wanting to try it out is that I’m wondering if it could semi-replace a laptop for many of the day to day things I do on a computer.

My impression so far is that it is quite capable of complementing my laptop, but there is still some tasks that just can’t be done on an iPad. Also my typing accuracy is not as good as on a physical keyboard, though that might just be a matter of getting used to the placement of keys.

One thing that I could see it being good for however is using it for basic photo and video editing. Unfortunately I’m using an original iPad, which doesn’t allow me to use iMovie so video editing I haven’t actually been able to try out and I do not have any photo editing apps that are iPad compatible. For now I’ve been limited to using adobe ideas and upscaling camera+. Neither is an optimal solution. But seeing as I’m handing back the iPad in a week I’m not gonna run out and buy a ton of apps for it.

Looking at what I’ve just written it doesn’t exactly look like the iPad is such a great supplement as I’d expected and I guess I’m a little disappointed so far. One very good feature though is that using the iPad for different tasks like random surfing, watching video and writing smaller pieces of text have allowed me to move around a lot more while doing these tasks than I usually would. So what it’s seems best at so far is ensuring a more ergonomic way of working.

Oh and for those who haven’t guessed it yet, this post was written on the iPad!

I will follow up with my “final judgement” once I’ve handed back the device to my friend.

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