Tumblr and cofee

The other day I started a tumblr blog/site/whatever.

The reason behind it was this: I’ve become less prone to write anything on this blog, yet I still have things I wanna share on an everyday basis (not just twits and facebook updates), and I realized that tumblr is quite a good platform for exactly that.

You can find my one here: esben.tumblr.com/

I also decided to start a new “project” with Mark. Seeing as we always go out for coffee and often end up getting a pretty lousy espresso based drink, we decided that we’re gonna review not just coffee places (cafés, restaurants, homes) but also the individual baristas, as they are ultimately the ones that make a good or bad espresso!

If you think it’d be fun having a look it’s here: coffeeCPH.tumblr.com/

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