Finding the perfect cup of coffee

I have set myself a quest. To find the best cup of coffee in Copenhagen. It might sound like a relatively simple task since one of the baristas at the coffee collective just became the worlsd champion in barista… but (you know this was coming didn’t you?)… the best cup of coffee to me isn’t just the best brewed coffee it has as much to do with atmosphere of where it’s enjoyed, opening hours and accessability.

The finish chain Robert’s coffee has a shop in central Copenhagen, which so far is one of the best choices for a contestant that I’ve found. They make a good coffe, the atmosphere is relaxed/laid back with a lot of small comfy couches and opening hours are generally good. The problem however is that there’s almost always a line just to get a place to sit.

My second choice is the no quite so amazing but still often frequented  Baresso chain. They generally make a pretty decent cup, they have shops in a lot  places around the city and they have, if you’re lucky and get their leather furniture, decent seating. Opening hours aren’t great though, and they are, for better and for worse, the Danish equivalent of Starbucks.

So an “easy” solution is to get an espresso machine to make my own… that didn’t pan out quite great either. At work we received a saeco machine, which was decent but more or less fully automated, so the choices of which drinks you can get is limited to what you can add to the coffee, like syrups etc. Problem is the machine broke and now we can’t get it fixed (ANGRY RANT: By the way, never ever ever buy anything off of they seriously have the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve ordered a repair of the machince multiple times and each time they promise to send a repair slip but nothing ever happens.), which means that now I’m again forced to find a place in the city that I can go grab a cup after work.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear it… Always up for a cup more and wanna try to find my new “hang out”,

2 thoughts on “Finding the perfect cup of coffee

  1. Hej Esben, kan godt se artiklen er lidt gammel, men jeg er ked af hvis du har en dårlig oplevelse af vores service, og det undre mig du gentagende gange har rykket efter en returlabel da vi laver disse mens vi har kunden i telefonen, så jeg ved ikke om du har/har haft andre problemer med at få breve frem fra post danmark, hvis ikke problemet er løst endnu er du meget velkommen til at maile mig på

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