No content is not no content

As Søren points out I did comment that the internet has no real content. Of course that is not true. I know that there’s plenty of good stuff out there and a lot of it is actually quite useful and informative. Just think about wikipedia. My point was that there seems to be more and more stuff floating around out there that doesn’t really add anything, it just reproduces what everyone else already have said and done.

Imagine then my excitement when yesterday I read an article (Lillelund, N. (2008, December 18). Er ventetiden gratis? Jyllands-Posten, p14, 1. sektion.) that raises the issue of news media spending whole days on single, non-important, issues, while the financial sector is in such a turmoil and many other pressing issues would be more suited for discussion.

At least a few other are concerned, unlike most, who will be satisfied as long as they can youtube cute kittens and don’t get to affected by the financial crisis!

One thought on “No content is not no content

  1. I think the whole news-media is living in a social construction that falls more and more under the label “entertainment”. The idea that Stein Baggers choice of clothing at the court meeting in Lyngby is of any importance whatsoever is a joke. Actually the only thing remotely interesting about the case is how it could be done, and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future. But the news-media needs to keep its viewers/listeners attention, and this is done by creating drama and farce. By this logic i have absolutely no problem with the media spending entire days on single non-important issues, but we should, on the other hand, redefine the concept of “news”. As it is now the word is being emptied for meaning – anything that can be dramatized qualifies as news.

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