Bullet train comments

Søren posted something random the other day and just now it hit me that the photo contains three typical Japanese things, of which I’ve experienced two.

In the photo is the Shinkansen, Mt. Fuji and a sakura(cherryblossom) tree (please correct me if my spelling is wrong).

Staring from the foreground I unfortunaltely never experienced the sakura viewing in Japan, though it’s one of the things I would have really liked to do… but I was there the wrong time of the year for that.

Second is the Shinkansen, or the bullet train. I’ve tried that four times now. First going from Tokyo to Kyoto and back, and then going from Osaka to Tokyo and back.

Third is Mt. Fuji, which I climbed when I was back in Japan visiting Minsi in July ’08. I am realizing I actually never blogged about that. I think that must be an upcoming post, since it was one of the most adventurous things I’ve expereinced to date. I did get some pretty amazing shots from there though.


So I guess that after all Søren’s post have more merit than I first gave it… Søren I appologize!

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