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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thought

Some of you might already know my friend Søren's blog as I've posted links to it before (if I haven't the title of this post is a link to it). I used to have a small competition running with him (he'd probably tell you it wasn't small... but he's lying :P) about who had the most posts. The idea was that the posts still had to be meaningful and be something you would have posted even if we weren't running a competition. As some of you might have guessed I've been losing this competition lately as I basically only blog once a month if even! I could come with all sorts of excuses about how I've been busy and stuff but I would just be pulling your leg. Truth is I haven't felt like blogging... plenty of things have been happening but for some reason I've started feeling more like a private person. It's odd though, it's not like I'm pouring out my heart here anyway.

But anyway I'm ranting. Point is that after realizing that my lovely girlfriend occasionally reads my blog I've regained the lust for posting more often!

And taking into consideration that I'll soon be done with uni, I should (even though I know it's probably not gonna be true) start having more free time.

So Søren this post goes out to you... consider yourself warned... the competition is back on!


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