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Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring is here - finally

Actually it was this saturday that saw spring come around here in Copenhagen.

I used the opportunity to take a good walk with my flat mate to the gym, work out and get candy :-)
In the evening I picked up my skateboard and tried to keep up with my flat mate, who was on a bike, as we went to a friends place to have some mexican food, beers and watch a movie. It was pretty nice getting on a skateboard again. I haven't really felt inclined to use it as it is mostly teenagers who skate in Copenhagen, but then I experienced Los Angeles last summer and got second thoughts about my decision as everybody was skating there...even people in suits.
So this spring/summer I'm gonna try to use my board some more.

Today I met up with another friend and sat outside in a local café and had coffee before going to work. When I came home I went for a stroll and really came in the mood for Parkour. It's been ages since I did any PK'ing. Last time was actually on campus at USC. I totaly need to get started again, and now that I've started at the gym, there's actually hope I can lift myself up and stuff. All I need to do now is do some stretching so I'm a bit more flexible.
To those of you who do not know what Parkour is check out It is the most brilliant form of exercise/fun/wanna-be sport.

Now all I need is a girlfriend :-D


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