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Monday, April 10, 2006

Music is dead - long live noise

Last week I spent with a lot of brilliant people from around the world. Tis of course got me reflecting what I have amounted to so far. Last night me and a couple of friends were looking through the CV book of the people mentioned. All had started something big or had participated in some big thing or another. So what have I done so far? Well not really a lot, but it got me thinking of some very interesting ideas which I will not start recounting here but they probably will come up later. One thing I will talk about though is this. Today on my way to work I realized something about music while listening to a lot of popular music and such. Music is becoming a thing of the past, or at least in its current incarnation. I feel a need of a sort of post-popular music. During the conference me and a photographer played around with our macs and tried out the voice chat functions in ichat. When there were no noise affecting either of the microphones they started making a strange but somewhat interesting noise. It somewhat reminded me of the music by Mikkel Metal, a Danish electronic musician who's music is namely noise in a rhythmic way.

So will this kind of music ever happen more generally. Probably not really though I could see it as the new millennium's classical music - Timeless and simple yet elegant and sophisticated.


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